Living beings such as plants require a proper balance, especially of nutrients, for optimal growth. Essential nutrients are necessary for basic functions, and trace nutrients for the best health. Nutrient lock-out can occur when the pH is out of balance or when there is too much of a nutrient. Even if overdosing doesn't occur, nutrients can be wasted by adding too much solution per fertilizing cycle.
NPK Calculator is an app for optimizing the ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients in your fertilizer solution for use in hydroponics or soil. Our in-app database contains many simple and complex fertilizers in the market. Several nutrition programs by knowledge growers with long-term experience are available in preset tabs.



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Save money on fertilizer solution (up to 50%)

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Prevent fertilizer burns and nutrient lock-out

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Learn how to use NPK Calculator

Step 1

Select the profile that you want(1) or add your own custom profile by pressing "Create new profile"(2).


Step 2

Add the nutrients, listed by brand name, that you want to use for your fertilizer solution.(1)
If you can’t find the nutrients that you're looking for, you can simply add your own:
To add a new solution, press "Add new nutrition"(2) in the nutrition window, and select a manufacturer. Then enter the nutrition values found on the label, enter a name (found to the right of the selected manufacturer) and press "Create". Your new nutrient will be saved under the manufacturer.


Step 3

For each nutrient, type in how many milliliters or grams you're planning to use(1), the app will automatically Section "Results"(2,) shows the total mass of each element. Section "Veg"(4) shows the total mass of element that should be fed during the vegetation stage according to current profile, and the "Bloom"(3) section for the flowering stage. Use the slider(5) to calculate % section that can helps you to find optimal values.

Step 4

After you optimize your nutrients, save your solution by pressing "Save"(1). After you save, you will see it in the "solution" window(2) so you can use it in the future.

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